We all hate the "All new POS". Has anyone figured out how to download an old verion of the POS app?

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So i think its obvious by reading theses posts that the new POS is a total bust.  The lite version is purposefully lean to force loyal customers to shell out even more money.  We already pay the extra $40 a month to get brick and mortar features and now they took them away, but keep charging us the extra $40 and expect us to pay another $90 to get them back.

I will not ever be paying $90 for a crappy POS system like PRO.

The POS app on my events ipad is still running the old version because the app didn't auto update.  I can still ring sales on it just fine.  So I am trying to figure out a way to download an old version of the app on to my other ipad.  Is there a way to do this through the iOS app store?  I know its not supported anymore but honestly I have never needed support for it. It was actually a really good POS and worked great.  Now they wasted a bunch of money to develop something that sucks and forced us to change.