We're seriously considering switching to Lightspeed. Can anyone convince us to stay? 3 Major Problems.

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We've been using Shopify POS for over a year now and although we like the look and feel of it, it has a few shortcomings that have caused major headaches for our accountant and the technical issues we've found and brought to support's attention have been treated as 'feature requests' which may never actually be fixed.

Major problem #1: Incorrect Sales Totals in Reports
We charge out products to many of our customers, meaning that they don't pay when the sale is recorded, they pay withing 30 days instead. To do this, we would record the order as "partially paid" with $0. Sometimes, we would make a mistake and have to cancel the order. Turns out, those cancelled orders still show up in your monthly totals and there's no way to get rid of them. Because of this glitch, our yearly sales total was $40,000 off, which we didn't realize until our accountant pointed it out. Very frustrating, and embarassing for me since I'm the one who pushed everyone to use Shopify in the first place.

Major problem #2: Disappearing "Add Payment" button on outstanding orders
Some of our retail customers receive wholesale items on consignment, meaning what they don't sell they send back to us. Shopify can't handle this kind of order. The items are charged out using the same "partial payment" method above, and then when the unsold items are returned, the only way to adjust the order to reflect this is to create a custom payment type called "products returned", add payment with this custom payment type, and then refund that payment (so that it doesn't throw off our daily sales totals). There's another glitch in the system where it treats partial refunds as if they were full refunds, and removes the ability to add any further payment, even when there is an outstanding balance on the order. This means that I've received cheques to apply payments to accounts that I haven't been able to apply, so there's no record in Shopify of us receiving those payments.

Major Problem #3: No positive Balances on accounts
In the situation above, sometimes our retail customers fully pay for the consignment items upon receipt, and then when they return the unsold items they need to be issued a credit which they can apply to their next batch of items. This isn't possible in Shopfy as you can only apply payments to existing orders, not on accounts. I have no way of tracking these credits within Shopify, which is very frustrating.

I've been in touch with shopify support multiple times about these three problems and the best I've gotten was "we're looking into it" and "we'll put that in as a feature request". I think those are essential pieces that should be fixed asap, since what our business is doing isn't that out of the ordinary.

We've been in touch with Lightspeed sales reps and it seems that its POS software can easily handle these situations. We are likely going to switch over at the end of this month, but I was just wondering if anyone could think of any reason that we shouldn't.

Thank you,

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Hi Jackson,

Shopify is an eCommerce first solution.

Lightspeed is a POS first solution.

For that reason, you might be experiencing gaps in your current workflow.

We did a case study recently with MiamiStar.com whose current technology stack is Lightspeed Onsite POS, Shopify Plus eCom and Skutally to tie it all together.

I personally think both Shopify and Lightspeed are great by the way, giving up either tool might just be a step backwards. Either way I wish you the best.

Manuel Villamizar, Co-Founding Partner, Skutally.com
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Hi Jackson,

I'm not sure if you're still looking for a solution but you might be interested to know that we have recently integrated our reporting app Better Reports directly within the Shopify iPad POS app.

Reports take into consideration cancellation and refunds (including partial) so that should improve your situation regarding your problems 1 and 2.

You can also segment the data and build interesting reports, for example:

-Monthly sales per location

-Daily sales per team member

-Daily sales per device


If you'd like to know more, feel free to reach out to me directly at clement@betterreports.co


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Hi there, we agree with Skutally. That's a fair assesment. In a shameless plug bnkle - brick & mortar search is available to you on both Shopify & Lightspeed POS platforms. SO no matter where you go you can let local shoppers find what you're selling instore: https://apps.shopify.com/bnkle

Good luck