We sell custom printed items, but need to track blank inventory and design chosen

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We have a store full of blank shirts, all barcoded. A customer comes into our shop, picks up a shirt, then lets us know which of our designs they want printed on it. We need to track the blank shirt via barcode for inventory purposes, and we need to track which design is chosen and the $ amount of the shirt associated with that design so that we can pay proper commission to the artist. Any ideas?


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Ren here from the Shopify support team, thanks for your question. It sounds like you're looking for a way to accurately track custom order details using the POS system. An option could be to attached an order note to a purchase with the name of the design, artist and commission as an order note. To do this, you can add a note during or after the checkout as well as add a receipt note for your customer. 

To add a note to cart, tap the "..." button on the top right corner: 
Then simply tap "Add Note", add your relevant details and select "Done". If you need to add a note to an order that's already been confirmed, simply go into the order details, tap "Add Note", enter your details and tap, "Done" like so: 


You also have the option to add notes or customer details to a receipt. By default, these notes are internal so you'll want to make the following changes in your Settings: 

  1. From Shopify POS, tap Store, and then tap Settings.

  2. Tap Customize receipts.

  3. On the Customize printed receipt screen, enable the Show order note option.

Do you feel the ability to add these notes adequate for your tracking or is there something more you'd need? Let me know what you think of these options! I'd love to help brainstorm further. 


Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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