Why can't I accept AfterPay via the POS?

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AfterPay is integrated with my Shopify Store and all of my online sales are via AfterPay - no one pays with anything else.

When they come to my Shop in person, they want to pay with AfterPay, but the POS software simply doesn't have it as a payment method.

Why is this? It makes no sense!

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The Shopify POS system is setup to work with supported gateways. There's only a few supported, and they don't include alternative gateways like ZipMoney or Afterpay. You can't use those within the Admin either - only on the Storefront checkout.

If you must use Afterpay since 100% of your customers use it you'd have two options:

  • use something to let you process the payment manually, then mark as paid in the POS once confirmed
  • use a different POS

Would be a cool feature to have - just not something that exists at the moment.

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Thank you for the reply, Jason.

It is rather disappointing that the POS doesn't allow me to accept the same payment types as the ShopFront.

Most customers seem wary of entering their details on my laptop, but never flinch when entering details on the POS iPad and Stand.

I already also use Square as my alternative EFT method. I cannot see any real use in adding yet another method - it just complicates something that Shopify should already support I feel.