Why the Shopify POS cannot apply BOGO Discount?

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I'm trying to use BOGO discount for my pop-up stores, but the BOGO feature is not supported in the POS app. 

Anybody has good idea to solve this problem?



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, DanielPark!


My name is Lizzy and I’m on the team at Shopify.


While you're correct that the Buy X Get Y discount is not currently compatible with the Shopify POS, there is a way to still create the effect of the discount.


When completing an order you can tap on the product you'd like to discount. A pop up will appear that gives you the option to apply a discount. Here you can set either a percentage or dollar amount as a discount and apply a name. This recording shows the steps. 


You will also be able to view the name for the discount on the order if needed for future reference.




I also wanted to thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I've made sure to let our development team know that store owners are looking for better Buy X Get Y discount integration with the POS app! We appreciate feedback from our merchants as it helps us to constantly work and improve our platform. Are there any other features of Shopify you had feedback on, that you'd be interested in sharing with us here?


Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about what I've said!


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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I also just discovered this issue as I'm setting up for a convention. This creates a huge burden not having this discount type available to use through the POS. I expect to do over a hundred orders a day over three days, and most will use a (2 for $X) type of discount. Please get this fixed!


It would also be helpful in the mean time if there was some clear mention of this not working on the POS in the help files.

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Shopify discount capability is sorely lacking. We use Ultimate Special Offers which works online and the POS and we apply discounts to every transaction since multiple quantity discounts ($5.50 each or 3 or more for $5 each) are applicable to almost every transaction we run. It does take 10 to 15 seconds additional for every transaction since it has to hit the Shopify API server side, so it can get a bit annoying when you have a line of people but otherwise it works well.
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We also use Ultimate special Offers app. We have Buy 5 get 1 deal on some collections. Not very fast but working. I will try scannable discount codes.

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I agree! It would save us so much time to be able to utilize BOGO or other automatic discounts on the POS side!!! Please add this to developer list!!
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I was told recently from tech support that the new POS will support Automatic BOGO.  Of course I have been told they have been working on this issue for a year and to no avail.  This really bothers me about the app and where it is going.  This is not a complex request.  

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Thank you, but this is almost a MUST to keep using Shopify. Any update on when the BOGO will be available on POS?

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Very annoying.

I'm developing a brand on 15 stores and I just discovered this issue. What will you do Shopify?

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Here we are a year and a half later and still No solution. Oh but now we have to pay $89 for POS. Makes sense... greedy a$$holes.