Worth to upgrade to Shopify POS Pro??

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Exactly what I thought too. This means Shopify doesnt know anything about what's going on in a store. And also the local pickup function for pro only... shame on you Shopify 

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Just a note that you can VIEW the local pickup and delivery orders on your POS, but you cannot "fulfill" them. The key word is "fulfill" in that list of features. (Shopify should list under POS Lite that you can "view" local delivery and pickup orders so people don't panic that this is being removed.) Personally just a nice-to-have feature for me because i can still fulfill from the admin. Seems strange that they don't let us have this one simple feature, but I am happy that i can still see them on the POS and print pick lists. 

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@Olivia Can you PLEASE tell me if they are going to put back the SAVE CART feature? It's one thing to not give us new features, but to remove something critically important to small businesses is just ridiculous! I have emailed Support who are normally really good at getting back to me quickly and I've had no response! really freaking out about losing the SAVE CART! I am a small business with a store packed full of small gift items. We frequently start carts for browsing customers so we can check them out as quickly as possible and avoid lineups especially during COVID. WTF shopify! bring this feature back!

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Thanks for explaining, I didn't know that.

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Very very disappointed with this downgrade.

Lite is pointless as it doesn't have the basic functions. Pro doubles the running costs. Classic worked fine - why take that away from us in a year like this one?!

Happy to explore any good alternatives now as out of principle we won't be paying $89 for basic features...even if the extra headache in migrating is the last thing we need...

Poor show, won't be forgotten!



We knew some of the new bells & whistles of the PRO version would go away on 11/1, however, totally surprised to see many day-to-day
business functions used to totally go away i.e. save cart, exchanges, etc. We, like most small businesses, have been so overwhelmed with staying alive the last 8 months, we did not have the time to research the impact this would have on us.  Very disappointing. 

It is not often that functionality is taken away in new versions of software.  We expected POS Lite to keep at least the business functions it had before. We can go to admin to check reports, daily sales amts, etc. but the day to day business functions are so necessary.

We cannot operate efficiently as a "brick & mortar/online" business under POS Lite.  We cannot afford POS PRO.  

With the upcoming holiday season... we need your help on this.  


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I'd also like to say how disappointed we are to see basic business functions removed.  We can't operate without the Save Cart functionality so we either pay Shopify (which feels like a form of extortion as they know we need it) or we look elsewhere and go through the pain of migration. 

If this is a sign of how customers are treated by Shopify then maybe we should jump ship now rather than continue to be bullied into paying even more in the future.    Either way, this isn't a decision I have the capacity to make right now so I'm really not happy!!

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If anyone has some alternative POS solutions - please share.

Obviously must perfectly sync to shopify inventory and include basic functions (exchanges - more than one time (which is a long-standing shopify issue), save cart etc etc.

We dropped VEND earlier this year and migrated all the data back to shopify when POS looked like it was better than it used to be (and when they included multi-store options which is why we went with VEND in the first place). But might have to look at them again now.

We are in the middle of a digital re-design and was planning this in Shopify. Now looking at options for Magento as don't like being held to ransom when we've been with the platform for so long. Magento would give us ownership instead of continuous upward spiralling subscription costs.

If any good Shopify POS alternatives out there - please shout. We'll look at those as a quick-fix solution.


We have had a trial of Hike, it looks to be a much better POS than Shopify, actually has everything a physical store needs, seems to work well with Shopify admin, costs about the same but is probably better. Have also had a look at Big commerce, it looks to be good as well. Haven’t had time to change to either yet.
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@Olivia wrote:

Hi, everyone.

My name is Olivia and I'm part of the Shopify Team. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has shared their feedback in this thread, and more importantly I want you to know we hear you. 

Shopify is powered by a number of small to medium-size businesses, and we absolutely appreciate how this change may impact some of those businesses. This is not a profit-driven decision, rather, it is aimed at long-term growth and future abilities for our in-house POS. The all-new POS is not just a redesign of the POS app, it's also a completely new rebuild on the backend. The reason we did this is to make it faster, support short cuts for common retail workflows and allow us to continue to introduce a ton of new features.

To share some insight into how this decision was made, and what we plan for the future, let's dive in a little deeper.

When we launched all-new Shopify POS earlier this year, we made the Pro subscription available for free to all merchants for six months and also enough time for our existing merchants to transition from the POS Classic app experience. Although we recommend the POS Pro for retail stores and POS Lite for selling on-the go, we encourage you to evaluate the features and make the right choice for your business. Take a look at this comparison page. Remember, you have the freedom to decide which POS subscription works best for each of your locations so you only pay for what you need.

At a glance:

Designed to support brick-and-mortar retailers

$89 USD/month per location plus your Shopify plan

Best suited for selling at markets and on the go

$0 USD/month with your Shopify plan

Get everything included with POS LiteAccept popular credit cards and digital payment methods
Create unique staff roles and permissionsIntegrates with mobile POS and hardware accessories
Access smart inventory management by Stocky appCentralize order and product management
Fulfill local pickup and local delivery 
Add unlimited store staff and registers 
Sell online and offline seamlessly with omnichannel features
Explore in-store analytics and reports
Access dedicated retail support team (coming soon)
Get an extended hardware warrantee (coming soon)

These are some of the top features we include with our subscriptions, but to find a full-feature list check out this page with me. 

Here at Shopify we thrive on change.

Shopify is committed to bringing updates and innovation to POS Pro with new features and services coming soon. Subscribers can look forward to dedicated priority support, extended warranty for Shopify hardware and new features like automatic discounts that will help increase sales and speed up checkouts.

Whether it's pivoting our business model quickly during unprecedented times, or launching new features to make sure you can better support your customers - our merchants are always at the forefront of our decision-making process. We see a future that makes commerce better for everyone with these revolutionary changes.

A special message to all of our merchants.

Change doesn't come easy, but it also isn't permanent. We hear you, and take your feedback very seriously. We often tell our merchants that their success is our success, and that is quite literally the truth. I have personally shared back a lot of this thread's feedback to our product development team, and we will always thrive to provide even better solutions, better products and services, and continue evolving to meet your needs - it's your feedback that helps us do this. 

Our dedicated Support Team is available to help you and answer any questions.


@Olivia  Since you say Shopify takes feedback seriously, I'll share....I hear what your saying about this not being a profit driven decision....HOWEVER from our perspective that just sounds like good 'talk'. I'll explain why

The biggest feature of Pro is the inventory management of Stocky. This was a FREE app since 2014! So before 'Pro' people were using Classic and also using Stocky. So this is not an additional feature so much as you just blocked anyone from being able to use it unless people moved to Pro....many stores who were relying on it. That is a PROFIT move. If it wasnt a profit move you would have integrated it into 'Pro' without blocking non-Pro users from using it. The same goes with all of the features you removed from Classic. If it's not about a profit move and trying to force people into Pro then theres was no reason to remove features. 

This is why so many stores feel like it was purely a profit move and you hear words like extortion thrown around. The truth is....and its reflected in this thread....you guys got people used to using certain features and especially things that thier store workflow started relying on, then you bundled them together and started charging $89 a month and REMOVING features from the original version forcing people to move to the $89 version. The original pos was already 'lite' and even your current Pro is still lite compared to many pos systems. You didnt need to strip the original for it to be 'lite'.

Had you made the Pro version good enough and added some necessary features to Stocky you could have rolled out the $89 version as being good enough to support its price and people would have moved to it. You wouldnt have to be cutting features out of the original Pos to force people to move. Make the gap between the two products by making 'Pro' better, not by making the original worse.

The reality is, Stocky isnt quite good enough for a normal brick and mortar store and so Stocky is not much of a feature....its of zero value to me at this point. And there are other things I've needed added to the Pos for years that still arent there....things that are in nearly every pos system out there. So I do not see the $89 value. Instead of forcing people to use it by dumbing down the original, how about making the Pro version good enough to do everything that pretty much all decent pos/inventory mgmt softwares do.

The way Shopify transitioned this product is what a business model with high turnover customers can get away with because the new customers dont know the difference. However, businesses with long term customers just feel stabbed in the back by such marketing tactics.