Worth to upgrade to Shopify POS Pro??

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Thank you for providing your store URL, @eyeclothingco . I added you to the feature request. 

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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@Aria count us in for the feature request for a revert back to the classic PoS.

capitalnl.myshopify.com is our store.

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@Aria please can you add us to the list of stores that are suffering because the Save Cart feature that was previously available in the free plan POS Classic and is not available in POS Lite.  https://indiebeer.myshopify.com/

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You can also add us(https://ecru-es.myshopify.com/) to the list. 



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@Aria please submit my store to the list https://shopconcessionroad.com/ We desperately need the SAVE CART feature back! I told a Guru about this a couple of weeks ago in a chat and he was shocked himself to hear this was dropped. It's now only 3 weeks to Christmas and we have NO way to move people quickly through the store during a pandemic! 


Please add us to the list for SAVE CART, EXCHANGES and the other functions taken out, to be added back to POS Lite

Our url is;  https://black-wagon-llc.myshopify.com/


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@Aria the-rivertown-inkery.myshopify.com is my URL.  Not that I have any fait that passing along info will do anything.  It seems pretty clear that these features were intentinally left out to force us to over pay for an upgrade we would otherwise not need or want at all. 

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I actually had a shopify customer service rep tell me my company was no longer a good fit for shopify because I was not happy with being forced to pay $90 for an exchange function.  Just shows you how they only care about getting money out.

Here is what I was told by this customer "service" agent:  "If cost is all that matters to you Shopify might not be the right fit for your business. I think you can probably go out and find a cheaper e-commerce platform or POS platform, we’re not aiming to be the cheapest, we are aiming to be the best and deliver good value exchange."

They also keep claiming that Classic was totally free.  It was never free to get POS functions in a store.  We had to upgrade our subscription plan and I paid $30-40 extra a month for years.  I never had a problem with that because the value in getting brick and mortar functions was equal to the extra cost.  I would be happy to keep paying $40 a month extra to continue to use classic.  Classic was a great and intuitive product.  He thinks because I am unwilling to spend $90 on a POS software that is horrible and takes 3x longer to ring in products that I am no long a good fit.  If this new product was worth $90 then no one would be complaining.  WAKE THE F UP! 

Every interaction I have with people in this company just make it worse and worse.  


@Aria Would you ever tell a customer of 5 years they are not a good fit because you think they are too cheap to overpay for a product that is terrible and they hate using?  Is that part of the standard shopify training?

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I 100% agree with you. Shopify has shown they are now too big to care now. That they have such a large portion of the market cornered and people will be forced to swallow whatever they want to shove down our throats. The new POS is garbage and the Pro version is not worth me paying an additional $2,136 a year. And if I remember correctly when we first set up the POS classic it was an additional $75 a month to the basic $29 plan. I was ok with that but have no respect for the move they have made now.

Also what a fantastic idea on top of everything to radically change the entire platform we all use to ring up customers in the midst of the busiest time of year!

Really goes to show how poor of quality of leadership this company has. Who is the one that makes these decisions? I would be more than happy to speak with them over the phone to try and understand this.

Every time I have spoken with support they just tell me that they will pass it along to someone else who doesn't care and that there are more features now so you should be fine. 

Today they said it is impossible to bring back the classic version. Another bad decision.

This company is a joke and I would recommend to everyone reading this to start looking at other options and to give up on Shopify as they will not be listening or changing anything anytime soon.

We actually care about every customer of ours and to always provide more value than we take. That's something Shopify should start working on before extorting more money out of their loyal customers for less value.

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Haha the black hole where all feedback goes has got to be over flowing by now... but rest assured they value your comments.   The lines the customer "service" folks feed us are really a joke. I call a few times a week to complain.  Some of them are decent actors and make it seem like they value you.  Most you can tell dont give a crap. 

This POS was in beta for 6 months before it was rolled out. The issues were known then and they didn't care.  They aren't going to care now.  I wasn't interested in using POS pro when it was free, switched right back to classic.  What makes them think I want to use it for $90 a month without any changes.