Worth to upgrade to Shopify POS Pro??

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Hi all,


Like to discuss about PRO and CON for upgrade to Shopify POS Pro.
Feel free to comment below XD

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I was having that debate internally when I saw it launch. What I can’t work out is the price, if you are not on Shopify Plus, it’s $89 per month, which is more than a dedicated POS system which has more features.
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Hello, I've been working on my website to launch it and earlier I saw a pop up that POS is now activated for free and after free trial will be $89 monthly. How can I deactivate it that option?

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I'm shocked that Shopify PRO costs an extra $89/month after october next to the $79 I already pay each month. Shopify pretends to be soooo supporting of local small stores but this is really crazy!! WTF... That means over $2.000 PER YEAR! This is next to the APPS most stores next to add in order to have some extra functions...

I assume this is just a bad joke right?

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For me, this price really is crazy high if add with the current package.......
And the function add on in the PRO is not much and mostly is a basic function which should be upgrade in current basic POS. Sad for this.
Btw, i no try to test it out.....worry will get addicted into it after trial over.....haha

We tried the new POS today for a Saturday morning. By close we have reverted back to the "classic" version. At the end of the day closure, the summary it prints out doesn't total the days takings, only totals the cash taken. Subtotalled the EFTPOS transactions but didn't include this in the total takings?? On one transaction it just simply wouldn't scan the barcode, we had to find the product manually, then it worked as it should after that. Shopify POS is a trade off between a few more features we would like to have, price and good connectivity between web-store, & inventory, but the new version within 3 hours of trade we were disappointed with. I have emailed support asking if the classic version is going to have functions removed that it currently has and have not had a reply as yet. By looking at the comparisons Shopify emailed about the new version, the classic POS must be going to have some functionally removed??!! $89US/month for a POS we don't like is going to be a bit tough, especially if the version we already use changes. Is the new "look" supposed to cover that nothing much has changed? A POS with an instore pick up option?? It's easy to set in store pick up on your web store, don't need a new POS for that.

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Did anyone else have issues with it loading? We wanted to give it a test, but when we 'Tried Shopify Pro' it basically shut our app completely down. 


The app would open, then immediately close. After multiple delete and install attempts, we had to resort back to classic.


Come on Shopify, do you realize we are using these POS systems to secure our livelihood? Launching something this glitchy reduces our confidence, again.

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When you are talking about upgrade, does it mean we could use the actual app indefinitely without paying more?

I almost had a stroke today when I found out I had to pay more than double to have the same functionalities I have now.

I’m really sad and disappointed and also already looking for an alternative POS+e-commerce .

Really shitty move.

You can’t even exchange a product more than one time, barcodes are the worst, the total amount on cash register shift is not right if you make and exchange, loyalty doesn’t exist, customer registration won’t allow sign in screen in order to have gprd confirmation without paper.... I could go on with all the things that Shopify doesn’t have and I was able to forget because of the price.
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You can go back to Classic Shopify under Support.  There's a button that says go back to classic.