Year End Inventory Count - manual?!

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Hi All,

I'm happy to confirm that our app is finally live and in the app store under the inventory category.

We offer cost price upload in bulk or via our super helpful RAPID method, profit reporting through our easy to use, yet powerful dashboard, inventory visability across locations, purchase orders, price markdowns.

Feel free to take us for a test drive - we offer a 14 day free trial

Kind regards,

Karen and the team

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Nothing has changed. We are new to Shopify and come the end of 2019 COULD NOT FIND 1 single report that would give us an account of our inventory on hand for 12/31/2019. It truly amazes me after coming from other POS systems that NONE that I have found provide this type of reporting. Shopify advised me to download Stocky for this report and yet, Stocky cannot provide. You would think that the developers who write these programs would do adequate research to ensure that a POS system can at least provide a STOCK ON HAND or a Year End reporting.