can we have an 'exclude from discounts' button please

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Ok, so something some of us have asked for for a while, can we have an 'exclude from discounts' button under either the 'edit product' or 'bulk actions' buttons on the 'products' bit of the POS site.

so here is the problem....

we want to host a 48 hr flash sale and offer 30% off discount, but we have about 1000 products on our inventory, and some of those are already on special offer or sale, we used the brilliant ' compare price' button to put in sale prices for them a few weeks back. but we dont want for them to be included in the flash sale.

at the mo we have a very long winded way of doing it with setting up new collections and adding the things we want included in the flash sale, rather than a quick way of excluding them. 

OK,so the flash sale goes live with a discount code, 'flash30', Mr Smith gets an email from us, 'hey, we got a sale on, 30% off for 48 hrs'. 'Great' he says and off he goes to ur store, finds an item already on sale at 25% off, then uses his flash30 - 30% off code and gets a 55% discount off the final price, 25% sale price + 30% flash sale discount.  you follow? great..

we then have a few choices, we either allow this and end up making a loss on the product as it cost us 50% of the RRP to buy in the first place, or we refuse the order and loose a customer or we manually re set all the sale price back to RRP for the weekend, then change them back, or before hand we spend a day setting up a collection with the other 950 products we stock added to it and apply the discount to the collection.. very time consuming and prevents us waking up and going, business is slow today, lets do a flash sale to generate sales!


button that we can click to select certain products we DON'T want in the flash sale or other discounts would be very time saving and cost saving for us shopify retailers, will stop double discounts being used by the customer ( sorry dude ) and will allow us to do flash sales, short notice sales and discounts in a very short amount of time and allows us to react fast to the market place. 

we all as retailers want to put on extra sales, offer discouts to loyal customers, local groups etc but exclude alredy on special offer and on sale items from them.

i can't imagine it would be that hard to code? we have bulk action buttons for other things already. Just a nice little tick box under the button feature would be great so we can quickly select the items we dont want to include in a discoutn feature or sale quickly and easily :)

i have talked to some gurus who agree it would simpler and quicker to exclude products than add them in to a new collection. 

Anyone else think this is a good idea???

best wishes


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Hi Matt,

I'm Kris, a guru here at Shopify. :)

Firstly, thank you for voicing your feedback. We are constantly growing the platform with the wealth of insight offered from merchants like yourself. I think it seems logical to allow our Discounts to exclude certain items for cases like your own, where a large volume of products are on sale. I can see the merit in offering both options, ideally. 

While currently the option to exclude sale items from Discounts isn't available, there is a workaround you can consider that revolves around creating an automated collection. There are some steps you will need to implement, but I think the following advice could help.

If you visit Products > Collections and create a new Automated collection, you can set a condition so that the Compare at price (is equal to) $0. This means that if the Compare at price is any amount above $0.00 (implying a product is on sale), it won't be added to the collection. You can then chose to assign this collection to the discounts for your flash sales instead. 

One caveat is that your non-sale items (with no compare at price entered) are not set to $0.00 by default. You could use the Bulk Editor or a CSV file to update this field, and get in a habit of assigning it to newly products added as well. A regular product with a $0.00 Compare at price will not be adversely affected in any way, but it can allow you to use the trick above.

While I realize this isn't as quick as the "click of a button," I hope it can help you tackle your discounts with more ease, until this feature may be improved upon in the future. :) 


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Hi guys, 

I have been trying to find an answer to the problem: To exclude discounted products on sale items - however it seems that it is more complicated than I thought. Is there an update to this problem? This solution above is already 8 months old. thank you