custom sale

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Does shopify have any plans of us being able to save a custom label? or add items to the pos with a variable price.

I realize shopify Pos is meant to be a window into the shopify store, but for a lot of brick and mortar retailers the online portion of our business might be just a small amount of our sales and for brick and mortar growth shopify needs to cater a little bit to the needs of the brick and mortar community.

We are a pharmacy and currently if we were to use shopify pos each time we would have to press custom sale, type in the price and type in prescription to have it identify on the receipt, too man steps.

As mentioned solutions would be if we could add an item (as with we can with Square pos) that has a variable price, that way we select it and we just have to enter the price, or instead of custom sale, if we could get a few buttons with different names other than custom sale

Does anybody know if there is a way to do this