how to print and email quotes with Shopify POS

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We have a customer using the Retail POS system and she wants to be able to print and email quotes, i.e. receipts which don´t represent an actual sale, which means are needed before the checkout is completed. 

The thing is, that many clients in the physical shop, ask for estimates. Our client need to be able to send estimates/quotes, that are not payment documents. Just an estimate, in .pdf format or whatever, without affecting the inventory of the shop. And when the client accepts the project, to be able to convert that estimate to an order, with installment payments.

We haven´t found the way to do this using the POS

Any help? 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Hector,

There are ways to do this with the Online side, like sending invoices through Custom Orders which will let you invoice and then bill, or the even simpler route of making a custom contact form for direct replies and then setting up the order from there. I think once we've worked out a good back-end ordering system, that will at least make this possible online through us directly. I'll bring it up to the POS team as well so they can see how a feature like that could be integrated.

If you have other thoughts on it, I'd love to hear them.

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I'm having the same issue. Unfortunately the online side is not an alternative because those sales lose the original sale location and become "online" sales which show location N/A. Also, the online side will not calculate the taxes appropriately. If the transaction is made by one of our stores in a different tax zone but if they send a quote via the online platform, the taxes will be calculated using our primary warehouse location, so then the customer ends up with a different amount on their quote than expected.

This has been a major issue for a long time and if resolved would resolve huge issues we have utilizing Shopify.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for fixes or potential work-arounds.