insufficient staff account limit

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  • Shopify gives 5 location and 5 staff you can add. IF you have 5 locations this means you can have 4 Retail Stores and 1 WH. We have Purchase Managers, Store Managers, Store Assistant Managers, Restockers, ITs for the website, social media agents, owner, general manager. All these people need to share only 5 ACCOUNT. 5. IF someone makes a mistake we don't know who did it. 

Shopify package has 5 accounts for 5 locations. The Advance plan has 15 accounts for 8 locations. Does Extra 3 location come with 10 extra people? than 5 location needs at least 12 account limit.  I don't think this is a mistake. Looks like Shopify pushing us to buy $3600 package.


Do you have only 5 employees or does everybody sharing their login information with each other at your stores?

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I am also facing the same issue.
We have around 10 people from Directors to Sales Reps while Shopify only gives 5 and 15 staffs for Shopify and Advance plans.

And the difference in price between the plans ($79 and $299) is almost 4X.

Shopify shall at least consider ala carte staff accounts (maybe $5 per additional staff)