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Please please find a way to make a "custom" return possible!!! 
Our business takes in used books and gives a store credit towards the purchase of other used books.
Right now our only possibilty to make this work with Shopify is to have a varient in each product for "returns" which we sell off when we take in a book, then also sell off a gift card to the customer to track their store credit.
This is insane, as our inventory has to be constantly manually updated and sales reports are a mess.
It would all be fixed easily if we had the ability to process a return that did not require being associated with a previous order.
This is really a very basic POS requirement, and it is a bit shamfull that Shopify has not made this possible yet.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Christie!

Thanks so much for the feedback/feature request. I entirely understand what you're after here. With the introduction of our POS integrated apps I can see that as being something developed in the future. That being said, I'd like to create an internal feature request referencing your shop. What this means is that if it gets high enough in demand and gains traction, it would go into development and as a founder you'd likely get invited to a beta!

Let me know how that sounds to you and I can certainly pass your request for a platform enhancement passed along. :)

All the best,


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With respect Alex, this request was made by a swarm of people 10 months ago, 9 months ago, 8 months ago.   There have been conference calls between merchants and your development team months ago.  Nada in terms of actual product development reaching the paying customer.  Sorry but it is annoying when something like this has been out there for so long and treated as if some how this is the first time Shopify has ever heard of it.