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Hi Vincent - Unfortunately, I still don't consider the "solution" below to be an acceptable way of taking something out of inventory for a draft order. The way it works today has the potential of causing the customer a lot of frustration, as they are not informed that a product is unavailable until they try to check out and buy their items. This functionality should work exactly how it does when something is actually out of stock, i.e. it should inform the customer right on the product page when they try to purchase an item that it is out of stock.

Also, an inventory manager is unable to see what is actually available in his/her inventory when something is reserved in a draft order. When items are reserved in a draft order, the decrease in quantity does not show up when running an inventory report. For example, we often have several draft orders open at the same time for our wholesale customers, and if they have cleaned us out of any of our items, we wouldn't know it unless we looked at our inventory report and manually subtracted those items that were in reserved status from our reported inventory. This is time consuming and prone to human error. 

I would like to know why Shopify is unable to subtract reserved items from our inventory count, in a way that allows us to see the actual inventory available (minus those reserved) on our automated reports. This question has been out on the forums for several years and it would be great is Shopify could comment on if/when they plan to fix this. Thank you!

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This problem needs to FINALLY be addressed by Shopify. If products are on reserved drafts, the quantities need to be decremented from the products. Vincent's answer is an admission that there is a HUGE flaw in the way Shopify currently handles this: a customer can go on your website, add an item that shows as available but is actually reserved on an invoice, and then is told at checkout that they cannot buy the item. Do you have any idea how frustrating that can be for customers? Do you realize frustrating your customers is the easiest way to lose them forever?

The other solution is just absurd. I mean, seriously, how far are we being asked to go here by setting the draft as partially paid, then having to refund the partial payment of the customer doesn't pay?

We send upwards of 150 invoices per week and neither of these are acceptable or even workable solutions. We've been forced to not post our new products as available on our website at all until the reservations come off each week's invoices. I can't imagine how much this is costing us, but it's the only thing we can do so that we don't upset our web shoppers with product that they cannot buy.

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This may be a work around / SOLUTION? or at least step in the right direction:


1: Create the draft order for the customer.

2: Do not hit "email invoice".

3: Instead hit "mark as pending". Popup> choose "other" payment method, hit "create order".

- Your shop will send an email to the customer thanking them for their "purchase". Perhaps update this email format to say the correct thing such as "order".

- Your shop takes that item(s) out of inventory. So it cannot be accidentally purchased by someone else, and negates the bollocks of a customer getting to checkout to realise something is out of stock.

4: If you want them to pay remotely from their location,  hit "collect payment".

- Choose "send invoice" and it will send an email inviting them to pay for the order by any usual means on your checkout.

- Or if they call you to pay over the phone, choose "pay by c card" using their credit card.


5: If the customer then comes into store,

- It seems that the order is NOT available for credit card payment on either the POS app or the shopify app on mobile. Which is shit.

- It is possible to bring up the order on your usual shopify admin, hit "collect payment" and put a credit card through, same as phone method.

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Perfectly said! This thread has been going on since 2019 and there still seems to be no solution to this. I find that Shopify often does not have the well being of the merchants and their customers in mind, as their features are extremely basic. Did you find any solutions to this inventory tracking problem? I am starting to increase my wholesaling and need to be able to see the proper inventory counts. 

Additionally, it is unprofessional for a customer to think they can buy something that is "in stock" only to find out at checkout that this is not the case.

Shopify, please do better and listen to your customers.

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I am using the first option - creating a draft order and reserving.  But when I go to my website it still allows me to pick that item/size.  I have 'Track Inventory' selected and 'Continue selling when out of stock' unchecked.