refund on desktop does not sync with order in pos?

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Hi there,

We've recently changed pos to shopify (because we also started a webshop).

Yesterday I had an order on pos where I (afterwards) noticed that the payment was cancelled (external debit) because of an error with the connection (problem with the bankserver - no problems wth wifi or shopify).

In the evening I cancelled the order on my desktop and refunded the transaction.

When I wanted to close the register on the pos however the order was unchanged, so it was calculated for the total.

I made a note on the pos-order, and apparently that caused some form of sync.. since the order turned red... but still not refunded on pos.

Deleting the order on the desktop had no effect - the total of the register still did not change and included the cancelled and refunded order.

I closed the register the next morning (thinking that maybe would have an effect), but again the total amount did not change.

Am I doing something wrong??

BR, Els






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Hi Els, 

This definitely sounds strange, I'm not sure what happened. I'm going to send you an e-mail so we can troubleshoot this specific order together :) 

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if order originated on POS then the refund action needs to be on the POS.  Afterward you can cancel the order on the desktop.  From the POS/cash register perspetive that POS is the gatekeep of all cash and checks and credit card receipts for transactions on that POS.  When you close the register you do a balancing etc.  So if you have to effect a refund for a transaction originally done on the POS then you must do the refund action of the order on the POS else your closing balance process will not match.  This of in context of a cash transaction.  If you refund from desktop you have no access to the cash in the register so how will customer get cash back? If you open register and take cash your cash register has no record of why cash was taken out.