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We have a clothes shop and an online store. We currently run, vend as our pos and shopify as our ecommerce. We are looking to stream line things and move onto one platform for everything.

I have been reviewing shopifys pos, and while it is a attractive product, i have found a few issues on the back office side of it. 

Currently on vend, we are able to stock a product in, add the cost, retail, size etc. It automatically issues a sku, barcodes and we can then print labels and then when needed send it to shopify for online. 

A few of my concerns, with shopify, are that you cant add cogs, skus aren't automatically added, label printing isn't built in. I know you can add apps, but this is just another cost.

Is there one app or a program i can use for adding inventory, which will do what i can do in vend? 

We are rapidly growing as a business and want to keep things as simple as possible, hence wanting to moving on to one platform. Has anybody any experiance with ecommerce on vend, or can anyone recommend a good platform for both? Obviously cost is an issue and we wouldn't want to be paying more than we currently do. 



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Hi James,

I'm not sure about all the different features but for your COGS you may want to check our app Better Reports.

The app lets you manage your product costs and can display your profit and COGS in real time.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at to discuss further.

I'm not very familiar with label printing. Have you checked this page?