swap out shirt order for product that was ordered by accident

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I have an issues - 

I updated my inventory list to refelect products we have in stock - 

an order came through for 2 shirts that where included in the available inventory by mistake. 

I have since updated the inventory to reflect zero available shirts for the colors that the order was placed for and, 

the customer has agreed to take 2 other colors that we do have in stock.

How do I fix this to show that the original order should not have pulled out colors we dont have and that i am suplimenting two other colors to fullfill the order?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, Bob!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :). 

The quickest solution would be to add a simple note to the order explaining the situation. :)

The other option would be to put through an exchange, with this you would refund the original order as store credit and then you could put in a new order with the correct t-shirts and mark it paid using Store credits. :)

Hope that helps :)