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Edit mobile and desktop

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Hi Guys, i would like to edit mobile and desktop differently. I’m using the turbo theme. Is There a way to get a different cover Home page picture on mobile and desktop? 

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @Jan12345,


Iris here from Shopify Support. Just in case you were not aware and do speak Dutch, this is our Dutch forum and any question can be writen in Dutch. For questions in English it is properly easier to consult our English Forum, as this is read and answered by a much larger group than here in the Dutch forum. By the way this is a great question but it does fall outside of my expertise, as we gurus are not trained in coding and when the theme is also a third party theme I get completely out of my comfort zone.


I think I might still be able to push you into the right direction for an answer, as I have found the same question on our English forum, which got answered very well. See this Forum question: Different images for mobile than desktop web.


For a full scope on how to get support for your theme also take a look at this help document: Support for themesThemes built by Shopify can have some tweaks and changes made by our Themes team (, while third-party themes might have some more documentation or developers you could reach out to for customizations, however posting your question in the Design forum with lots of context - might also be very usefull.
Other options are:
* Post on the Jobs Board forum to see if a community member could help you implement some code.
* Or hop straight over to an Expert.

Hope this was usefull and good luck.

Kind regards,

Iris E.

Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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