A Rallying Cry for Small Businesses

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17 1 26

It took me seven hours to write this post.


It’s true, I didn’t complete any other work yesterday. 


Monday was even worse (I won’t tell you how many episodes of Peaky Blinders I re-watched...)


So before I attempt to pull us up by the bootstraps, I want you to know that I’ve been as distracted, unmotivated, scared, sad and freaked out as you may feel.


And yet, what I’ve come to realize is this: The show must go on.


Your business, your friend’s business, the business you may one day start -- they all depend on it.


And while the show may look a lot different than it did a week ago, we need your small business to start, to grow, to survive.


So if you’re ready, this is my rallying cry for small brands across the globe.


We can get through this -- and here’s how...


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