Anyone using a share point help desk software?

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Hi, I have a domain for clothing store on It has been a year since my business is running successfully. As Shopify has an inbuilt customer service, mostly it requires only fewer efforts to maintain consumer relationships and the entire process. Encouraged by the success of my clothing store, I was up to add a cosmetic brand too. Currently, I invested in some other projects, so I can't afford to initiate the entire capital amount on my own, so I will be having two of my friends in this as partners. One of my partners is an IT professional, so we will be launching an individual website for the new venture, even though I wanted a Shopify site. The new website is up and almost ready to launch, we need to choose help desk software as well. We will be using Microsoft products at our new initiative, so thinking of getting any SharePoint customer support app. My techie partner was working as a developer for the past ten years, and he was using a dock 365 SharePoint help desk software at his previous work, so he suggested the same. I don't know anything about the mentioned product, yet it absolutely fits our budget, so I also feel like joining the company. But before jumping onto it I would like to have expert advice from the veterans of this board who is familiar with SharePoint software. In anticipation of a reply. Thanks.