Earth Month (April) is around the corner

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Earth Month is coming up! What are you doing to stand for the environment? Which nonprofits are you planning to support?


A few of my favorite environment nonprofits:

Please add your favorite nonprofits below!




You can support any of the above nonprofits (or all!) through Pledgeling's Give & Grow app. Add a $1 donation for your customers to give at checkout, offer the ability to round-up total purchases to the nearest dollar, or dedicate % of sales of specific products and/or total orders to support these worthy environmental causes. Reach out to me if you have any questions!

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Thanks @GraceChung! For folks who want to support a charity not on your list, can they have them added?



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Yes, @katiebkung! We have 2M nonprofits (US and global) in our database. :)

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This is a great concept. How can merchants use this?

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@GraceChung seriously great concept. I'm an avid consumer and I always connect with teams or brands who care about things I care about - so this makes complete sense to me.


Was checking out your shop pages. curious to know - do you host these shop pages on Shopify? Also, are these little products curated from the Orgs you're connected to? Also, do you sell these also on Amazon etc or only on your website?

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Great questions, everyone - keep 'em coming!


@mercurialsolo - Shopify merchants can install our app in 5 minutes (for free!) and integrate the features mentioned above into their new or existing Shopify stores!


@Kay_Mann - We power the app plug-in for existing Shopify stores - which means that any merchant on Shopify can integrate donations into their stores! We're revolutionizing giving technology for thousands of Shopify merchants around the world. :)

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Nice post and links to foundations to partner with ✊


I can add 2 I like - I've been working with Eden Projects and Trees for the Future for a few years (planted over 400,000 trees with them). They've been around for decades and have a dialed in system to plant  10 cents per tree.


I've also worked with American Forests. They're $1/tree but a great long standing organization to work with too.


Yay Earth 🌲🌎

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Hi Grace,


Some really useful links there thanks!


Earth Rewards is a mobile app where you can measure your carbon footprint and earn Earth Rewards to balance your carbon impacts for free!

Check it out :)


We will be launching on shopify soon but in the meantime I'm creating Earth Month content to share.


What is everyone doing for Earth Day as far as marketing?

We'll be sharing simple sustainable swaps and hopefully hosting a 'round table' on zoom to talk about how technology can be an enabler for sustainable initiatives.

If you want to get involved let me know - nothing is solid yet just brainstorming!

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I second Cool Effect - they are a great organization for verified carbon offsets and I have used them before.


Beyond them, I also recommend WWF for their global efforts, and Environmental Defense Fund for their work with large corporations.