Ethical Brands: Can we share your message right now?

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Hey all -- we're doing our best to share as much positive news and information from ethical and sustainable brands right now. If that's you, I welcome your input so we can use our platform to help raise awareness about what you're up to. We'll be sharing news, messages, deals, promos and images via our social media and podcast -- you can see Instagram stories @Spiritof608 for examples. 


To get involved, fill out this form. It also includes a link to where you can record a message for the Spirit of 608 podcast that we will air on a future episode. 




For background if you're not familiar with us, the Spirit of 608 is a media company focused on elevating mission-driven brands. In short, we help ethical brands get visible. With this initiative, we're using our expertise and devoting our infrastructure/team to raising visibility for ethical brands right now. Our core business is media and content strategy for brands through consulting, production and team training. Our Spirit of 608 podcast is a weekly show we produce for and about the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST).