Feedback on my sustainable home goods store

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Hi all!

We've just opened up, we sell handmade home goods from Thailand such as cushion covers, throws, baskets and ceramics and plan to add more products as we go. We support local communities and crafts and do our best to use only locally sourced materials and natural dyes. 

The entire website is basically a one-man job with me being behind the computer, behind the camera and behind the sewing machine! If you wonder why the photos look good that's because my main source of income making videos and photos for others.

While Facebook ads is getting us traffic, we're not getting any sales. Maybe I'm being impatient as I've only been running ads on Facebook for 2 weeks and I have a feeling people take their time to decide about these kind of products but on the other hand I wonder: anything wrong with our shop? Are we too expensive, not explaining enough how special our products are? Are we getting the wrong kind of traffic? Do people maybe think we are a Thai restaurant??? This is my first online shop and I am kind of in the dark here...

Any feedback appreciated! Also on how to market sustainable social products!


A few items that may improve your conversion:

- stronger footer can earn more trust from customers 

- page loading speed ( I need to complete an audit to provide a point of improvements)

- more inviting landing page with stronger written content

Feel free to email me at if you need my help to do this or need a different solution.