How are you weathering the storm?

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With COVID-19 impacting businesses, we want to know, how are you doing? How can we help and how can some of your creative ideas inspire others? Share them here!

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For those of you who may feel paralyzed and not sure where to even begin, I've shared a few suggestions here.

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Hey Katie – hope you are well and thanks for leading a post on this. 


We have seen an incredible response from merchants of all sizes activating with us in support of those affected by COVID19. We also did this write up to help guide how retailers can get involved and create immediate impact -


We are here to help any store get active and set up. 


Be safe and stay well,


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Hi everybody!

I'm from, an advanced gift card and loyalty program provider here on Shopify.


Here at Rise, we understand the complexities that such times bring to businesses everywhere, and the importance of gift cards and rewards to keep merchants up and running. We would like to do our part in helping and that is why we have thought of a few ways Rise can help merchants grow, even now.


Here are a few tips from us- 


Rise offers advanced gift cards that create a personalized and special experience for your customers. They allow customers to write a personal message, send on a later date, and are beautifully designed and branded. This is great to boost the customer's and the receiver's spirit through these times (as well as yours).


You can also get a spot in our gift card directory for FREE. This is a page that was created for customers to find gift cards that may interest them, helping you promote your gift card product and expose it to more customers! Sign up here.

To promote your gift cards, even more, you can use our discounted gift card feature. This allows you to sell gift cards at a discount, incentivizing your customers to buy them now rather than later.


With Rise you can also create bulk gift cards that you can offer to customers/communities/corporates so they can help support you.


Another helpful tip is to use our referral program, that we have now opened to ALL of our plans. Have your loyal customers help you reach out to new customers, by rewarding them for every successful referral. This is a great way to reach out to new audiences!


These are just the tip of the iceberg regarding how Rise can help you now, you can learn more here. We also offer free consultations to help you strategize how to best utilize Rise for your needs and struggles. 


We would love to hear from you about how COVID-19 affected your business to see how we can help.

Please don't hesitate to reach out at


Many stores are suffering a decrease in sales. So I just think reducing monthly cost could help mitigate the loss.

How to Reduce Your Monthly Shopify Costs during COVID-19

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Good day, Katiebkung!

I just wanted to share an assignment of mine in which I wrote an essay for Southern New Hampshire University. I wish to see your take on how my implementation plan of Shopify to a pretend client/ business owner's aspiration to go from storefront location to online/cloud-capable diva so to speak. Collectively, I wish to see her change her life with Shopify. Do you believe this will succeed as a plan even with the lockdown currently? Will Shopify be enough to re-create her business by itself including the supporting apps? Please respond as I am engaged in a conflict of interest as to what automated apps can do and are doing in the digital business sense to enable my fictional client to skip unnecessary legwork in order to outperform the local competition. Do you believe this is an accurate correlation of how Shopify can benefit business changes from the old brick and mortar ways to the new click and mortar digital ways of e-commerce?


Very respectfully,


Cory Alan Beede

"Tiki Tough" Owner, Promoter, Trainer, Design

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Cory here again, 

I did not load the essay to my last post. Here it is.


E-Commerce Solution
Cory Alan Beede
Southern New Hampshire University
Author Note
Converting to e-commerce with a small company is done with constant forward progression step by step. Testing the condition of what you have already is the best way to not go beyond businesses’ means.


Working for the small brick-and-mortar business described in the final project case scenario. The introduction that will be given is brief, (the point is well…to the point), business requirements are creative since the business is small, the resources will be more difficult to acquire, competitors which is a serious problem since most small businesses aim to kill each other to eliminate competition over the ongoing fight for pennies (that is the sad truth), do in fact have available resources which can be tapped with the right coercion and smooth talk. The very first thing to do is to take a look around, visit the competition! See what kind of operation and resources it uses with small talk and online research thereafter. Next, compare that to the research of my business’s current operational resources in play. If the goal is better functionality and not just better technology, identify what and sort it out before investing effort and time into better technology. The goal after that is to establish an e-commerce presence with first improving the current technology, is of utmost importance, especially in the digital age.

The business owner states that she wants to focus on generating new revenue through e-commerce, but she knows that this change in operations requires the company to integrate new technology. To gain an understanding of what the business might need for technology, she has asked me to create a business systems analysis. In this analysis, the problem that my business is facing is clearly allowing itself to be too predictable since the performance is not currently good enough to keep the competition away. Security and secrecy is the best plausible way to keep others from inhibiting my business’s operation and to keep the owner from stressing out while checking into other technology boosts. The selected few enhanced technology areas to elaborate on in addition to security will be by data on the resources researched, including the competitions’. Once operational efficiency and capacity trials are completed on successfully acquired programs then, I will determine the business requirements for solving the business limitation problems, this includes the requirements that any new technology needs to meet.
Keywords: Smooth talk

Shopify is built with e-commerce in mind that includes a 14 day free trial lots of applications and integration with platforms. Is also automated and pre-programmed to already complete multiple functions eliminating the task of hiring any coder or programmer that will overcharge for their services. It is not expensive starting at $29.00 per month. Big Commerce has selling limits and is also right around the same price range as Shopify and also the same 14 day trial period which is also free of charge. The other e-commerce program is bigcartel, bigcartel is free and user friendly, however, it is limited in features, integrations and will not generate a main source for profit since it is not built as well as the first two. Next is the program volusion. It has many built-in features, a top-notch display and allows more SKUs to process. The main drawback is that multiple business practices were not polite. One such review indicated that volusion to it upon itself to implement its own actions without consent of the business. Woo Commerce is also free with the exception of hosting, has a lot of users but, it is not as reliable as Shopify. It is not as user friendly as Shopify and has significantly less hack prevention than Shopify. Due to costly increases with more business transactions and like operations, Woo Commerce is only worth doing startups with and learning from. As business gets bigger, Shopify is clearly the better choice. Many programs build websites and advertise, not all are built for e-commerce which is what is interesting about all the illusion. Smoke and mirrors can sell and at the same time not deliver. Not being able to manage e-commerce for a business when advertising like it can is just simply wrong, unfortunately, many companies do this to makes sales, not necessarily provide service.
Changes can take effect with Liquid. Like traditional programming languages, Liquid has a syntax, interacts with variables, and includes constructs such as output and logic. Due to its readable syntax, Liquid constructs are easy to recognize, and can be distinguished from HTML by two sets of delimiters: the double curly brace delimiters {{ }}, which denote output, and the curly brace percentage delimiters {% %}, which denote logic and control flow. Product.available:
Returns true if a product is available for purchase. Returns false if all of the product variants' inventory quantity values are zero or less, and their inventory_policy is not set to "Allow users to purchase this item, even if it is no longer in stock."
Returns an array of all of the collections that a product belongs to, except any collections that are not available on the sales channel being used.
• All tags have different capabilities such as comment, echo, form, layout, liquid, paginate, raw, render, section and style.
• Filters offered are:
• Array filters
• Color filters
• HTML filters
• Math filters
• Money filters
• String filters
• URL filters
• Additional filters

Access her theme's Liquid files from the Themes section of her Shopify admin:
• Desktop
• iPhone
• Android

In addition to this I would recommend she start the open communication between her initial setup by way of my trial and error, to the merchant, Shopify, to set communication electronically with Kit. Kit program is an accessory to the other step by step processes involved in converting a business’s software to that of Shopify’s. Most likely anything not according to standard or adaptable to be compatible with Shopify’s programming language, Liquid, should no longer be used and replaced with something along the lines of what Shopify offers as a backup. Shopify should cover most of her needs once installed. Depending on the number of products and services she wants to adhere to will be the amount I need to upgrade as far as current software goes. I believe the safest bet is to invest in herself with the business’s interest first and just go all-new system componentry in relation to her hardware and software that I will be enabling. I personally feel as though business would be more streamlined and less interrupted then not only from viruses and hacks but also disruption from the competition. Security is synced in with Shopify, so with that being said, it is a very all included means of what a business needs for a fresh start over in the digital age. (Getting started with the Liquid markup language 2020)
With a supplier and shipper through drop shipping, there really is no need to keep a physical inventory for except may be traditional items already being sold in the store presently. In a few months, these will no longer be a lifeline to make or break month to month, that stress will go away really quick. No in-store products on shelves is a thing of the past in the digital age, this I will be proving to her and why what she has been doing is the source of the problem to be fixed. Gone are the days of more on hand in-store, more business…that is the past. Once her confidence is developed in this, she will be operating like a boss in pop culture, going from owner to owner/ diva! As I turn over more responsibility of business operation to her in stages through Shopify tutorials once fully installed and enabled she can contact the service first hand along with the automated AI synced programming Shopify has included in their Kit app. In addition to this her cheat sheet available through Shopify to have regarding programs, meaning and their functions, she can always contact customer support if I am not available or I am over on hours. Since I would be operating as a private contractor under a contract with her, other bids would not be out of the question to adopt while working alongside of her. Just as long as other outside jobs do not result in the competition benefiting from my work, of course, she has that identified in the contract anyway. This goes without saying…outside interests can help in acquiring information indirectly about what other organizations are operating with. This could potentially result in some binding partnerships, possibly even mergers later on her business becomes more pronounced in the online management knowledge of others locally, nationally and maybe even internationally as online operating capability with the cloud can propel virtually anything into fast forward progression.
As her personality increases and stress decreases, she will be taking it upon herself to learn more about what I have to show her about the better way of doing business, running her core operation online with various helpful which coincide with the Shopify operating system (as listed in the decision matrix). She will have to learn about what I am planning to do by knowing the big data and management side of Shopify integration, again reemphasizing step by step familiarization with her new flow. It is like having a sporty new car! Branding products, not physically but, with an identifier that it is you providing the order for them to get the product is the data that will ensure customers are loyal…whereas if you are not, basically you will not be getting the same quality product elsewhere. The knowledge that customers will have an order with our service will spread to incite local bonding and compassionate status amongst the community. The psychology of it is that people will think twice before sneaking around and bypassing our service to order from others. Track product comparisons with hers to get the edge on pricing and availability in with coupons, customer promotions, deals, etc… Proof with polite and continuous service will get customers from other businesses even if they use similar online services themselves. The Shopify logic is that it is still a tool, when she becomes more familiar with the effectiveness of her Shopify system, she can be more versed than even other businesses using Shopify as well. Offering more of a variety then they do, developing more comfortable shopping experiences and enticing future customers with higher zest and appeal. Investing in more supporting apps Shopify has available to enhance the processing performance on the cloud and in-store. This is where the brand bonds to people, they, in turn, will blow up the social media for her company with feedback, it is the proof in the pudding. Advertising can then step up once computing languages assimilate via online marketing capabilities offered and detected by AI, cloud, wiki and other retrievable sources for people to notice. However, at her digression only, as we do not want too many eyes inside what we are doing. That is the beauty of my installation of Shopify and the adjusted security enhancement features it offers, all-inclusive while doing business with Shopify.
It is really easy to make Shopify work for any business, especially hers. The ease of creating her own store online within 20 minutes, however, I know she will have questions, so I can set aside a half a day to do the intial setup. Solving problems, hitting the target markets and actually helping people with a legit service in dropshipping while making a profit far beyond a normal 9-5 wage income is what this simple setup can do. The following set of tasks in this simple procedure is her first step in online success.
First, enter a name and email address of business into the 14-day free trial, auto-fill her personal information, go to the online store dashboard, pick a theme on the theme dashboard, edit the theme, configure themes for desktop and mobile devices. When editing themes, I will be producing borders, colors, texts, even social media filtering! Establish links set on page, to either outside entities or inner navigational links set to correspond with contents of Shopify modules. The modules which are preprogrammed for editing can be constructed within minutes. Second, select any picture and insert it to first module of the dashboard, type in overlay in preset parameters of a captioned area called a section. Features available to add are: icons, buttons, prompts to again navigate (further dissemination or organized modules are to be constructed before this is specified). Next is the featured collection of products looking to dropship. Check onto for products option so as to be more conducive to operating systems of both desktop and mobile devices. Add further images and slide options for scrolling media display to enhance imagery of products she is looking to promote by precedence, price, quality, usefulness, etc… Any of these enhancements can also, additionally have overlay texts or navigational tools for deeper analytics. Third, click save on current content to add another section of different products or services for the next page. Newsletter subscription offer icons can also be set for user to click on to encourage her to entice more customer interest through the distribution of information online automatically (cheap advertising with more than enough information to address users' questions or concerns). Fourth, exit theme menu for now in order to build the actual Shopify business menu, adding more to the already started home and catalog pages. Construct contact page, whilst adding to the navigation page menu item as contact us, click on link, scroll to pages and add menu item. Click on the view store opt and now the contact page has been set up. The initial start-up site of the store is completely visible at this point, all that is left to do is to add to each part of pages to the menus until completion of the entire store inventory and ordering availability. The add to this setup, click onto the Shopify app store, click on Oberlo, “get” “setting” and enable importation of products to Shopify from other businesses. Fifth, find the URL of various products, copy/paste, then import, the product can then be found on the import list. Alter the name of it, place it to whatever page necessary for the best result. Set prices, comparison prices on the price list for products identified. Navigate to Shopify dashboard, look up products and check to ensure added imported products actually list as imported. Go back into the online store menu and create last required page, the “about us” page. Go to the online store menu, pages, and create a new page. Type in the blurb, add to the menu after saving. Go to navigation, main menu, and check that all pages are intact and in order.
The only remaining thing to do is add to it and adjust settings as necessary to her liking. Once she sees how easy it is, she will be thrilled to also see how quickly customer flow is from an online source in addition to what she has in a storefront. Most importantly, she will see how imperative it is to lead with an online store with Shopify as her primary source of income and have the physical store follow up, support, assist with advertising as its new function. The only other details encompassing a fully capable online store is to add domains, create discount codes, activate them. Set the ordering page in collaboration with Oberlo to sync with Ali Express for example on more products. Test run customer page and review analytics page to ensure they are free from errors. Opt back to main page, navigate through entire site, double-check the banking page, to check all functions and store has been set to operate in confidence with myself and her providing she has suggested and implemented all input accordingly to me. Choosing business supporting apps in which will benefit her content, conversions and results in constant feeds will be essential in her operation.
The best way to integrate online shopping is to let it take the lead as the main business model, consider then the imagery to follow when having a storefront also to complement convenience and ease of operation knowing that people who are not tech-savvy have to worry about continuing to do business with us as a customer. The aspect of my vision for her company of which I am redesigning is the new identity in badging our products with the aspiration to get word of mouth out in the community and proof of service face to face before ordering. The store could even do in-store pick up for online purchases. Its like click and mortar from brick mortar via innovation. It becomes a more energetic, happening place that is able to have more variety by keeping up with the times in diversifying interests’ customers and potential customers need met. Shopify is the way to go in making this hat trick work.  The competition that aims to enhance their own efficiency but we can stay ahead of them with Shopify compatible hardware in addition to all the Shopify software online and in the cloud. For instance, credit card readers, users ipads placed throughout the store for customers preferred self-ordering, price lookup and location of like items in addition to seeing how many are left in stock. Bar code scanners, updated receipt printer, interactive touch screen monitors for promotions and education of various products. An AC 2600 wireless tower to control the online connection of the storefront. A sizable investment but, worth it since the amount of money saved on stock and services can be cut by working from an online business primarily. This is the in store LAN that connects customers through her to the world all without leaving the store so as to where the customers do not even need to leave their homes for other associated purchases. Being connected really cuts the competition down. She will just need to do some key things to ensure what I set up for her goes smoothly. The interactive experience will convert more people to online purchasing power with confidence in the usage of her minimalistic setup.
So, to elaborate, what I have described here is the steps I will be taking, by the steps I have already articulated to be taken. Setting up the site the way she likes, testing the water by comparing products to actually utilize starting with Shopify since it seems to be the best with its own built-in security capable of preventing hacking and copying and or phishing. Will these 14 days be enough to make a determination? Maybe more time is needed, I will cross that bridge when we get there. For now, operate the business to get proven results set into play, our not so secret Shopify weapon will put her on the map in a big way, especially when she sees that I can make her business available globally with just a few clicks with minimal shipping costs to incur. Once confident in placing drop shipping orders with a proven supplier (numerous, nearly unlimited to choose from online), getting successful sales done online for delivery or in-store to online for in-store pickup and online to in-store pickup, we can, in fact, assess the progress made by our end, predetermined results. Will it be enough to convince her to go with a primarily online service? I certainly believe so, and then some. The results from working with Shopify and the impact of promoting online services with storefront ads, internet ads and of course most importantly word of mouth in the community with an open house or two to explore the customer base drawn in buy it, will wow her. This is integration at its best, as a sped-up version of the gradual shift will assert customers that with quick, efficient change comes quicker and more efficient service.
Then wireless and mobile computing starts to take off once established as a successful online business for ordering in the preceding steps even more so. People who talk about it with people out-of-area can refer future customers to order from mobile devices in which they get Facebook messages on. They are the forefront of wireless technology; again, the computing is mostly done by the Shopify and supporting apps (controllable programmed automated computing) which lessens the stress and costs involved with traditional click and mortar business practice. No more trial and error with multiple sourced security, ordering, or maintenance costs for services…this minimalistic usage effort by the user really makes for ease of operation, she will see this as her company completely transforms and leads the way in the community through these simple changes that I will make, including to eliminate her pre-existing operating program when her business was falling behind. Shopify is also the leading cloud-based operating platform for business, cannot go wrong with that, since the cloud is artificial intelligence, inventory is automatically updated and accessible by all thanks to intelligent systems working in culmination together. Not only will our company be utilizing Shopify, so will other merchants…over 600,000 of them with sales at 63 billion in 175 countries since 2006 at the release of Shopify to the cloud. Those results she can agree upon as the best option guaranteed. This is only the beginning, the same time products are sold, a brand is being built. Brands never stop, they keep on building. With that being said, branding becomes knowledge based on analytics whereas a solutions tool like Shopify maintains it for the company…she doesn’t need to burn a candle at both ends anymore to focus on just getting by month to month. The solution by design is indeed not just changing her company’s situation but, also changing her life for the better. The design that is truly the best sense for this is already been waiting for her since 2006.
Multiple connections exist thanks to Shopify’s success and growing capabilities. Like offsite 24-hour service storage monitoring from warehouses which also have contracts with major cloud programs. The direct costs are not absorbed by any single business that way, all deferred, graded on a curve as slated in business performance in quarterly reviews and so on. Having more resources with fewer expenses is more efficient and stable like in a corporation like an agreeable set of staged businesses operating in tandem as most work is done via programs autonomously for the demand of the businesses’ needs. Not like fighting over pennies with the local riff-raff. Like the United States Constitution is summarized as a means for the few to benefit from the many, capitalism in the cloud, shifting roles is the way to change her business. By playing the game, using the system she will be able to change her business to suit the needs of the many, not just a few, despite what either capitalism or the competition has to say about it. This is my ingenious design and plan, for her to have control over her life, her business and to make a difference where she lives. Beyond that, the sky is the limit with my installation of Shopify. is a retail monster, however, it does not have the presence which my client will. She will capture the essence of the community and its people simply by being a resident. Comparatively, she can see the results of global performance in relation to her own customers and weigh in on similarities encompassing wholeness, enrichment and nourishment of product quality knowledge.

Her knowledge stemming from my knowledge of information systems and investigative work is the second technology Amazon cannot compete with directly, with interactive simplicity being the first. Amazon has a barrier to which they cannot access thanks to a marketing emphasis placed into our (hers and mine) management of information systems connecting the local community to the world without disconnect gaps in information. There still is an advantage to having an in-store option when competing with global giants. Amazon in this regard is also related to Craigslist in terms of disconnect. Where Craigslist has had to endure harsh reputable backlashes from harmful, predatory users to scams and beyond. The comfort is just not there in something so widely used and unsupervised. Any person would feel as though they are taking a chance in online activity with such negative feedback whereas, developing connections from home and ordering with safety and security instore/online produces a confidence-building effect to learn more. Craigslist would also be raked over the coals and get burned competing with our click and mortar niche.
Shopify can be utilized in dealing with either Amazon or Craigslist from either the buyer or the seller, whether it be business to consumer or consumer to business, however, the way it is used determines its effectiveness and incentive to do more for the user business owner in providing service/products to the user customer. Where Shopify is our bread and butter for operations, the niche store my client owns takes precedence in personalized connection and promotional offers to Shopify as she is also a customer utilizing their online store product. This brings me to my closing point, human involvement in the management of information systems is the greatest technology by far in which any business could use ultimately based on the cognitive response in ways that no hardware or software can match, it is what decides to enable any of these operating systems to function in the first place.

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Please let me know what you think of it.

Thank you,

Best, Cory