How can my co-op plug our suppliers into drop shipping?

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We have a co-op with a web site. We recently registered and have been trying to cross over to woocommerse but do not have our handling or logistics sorted yet. We understand drop shipping if we were the wholesaler but don't know exactly how to sell from our supplier through a fulfillment centre to our customer nationwide.

We have explored other suppliers of our usual products on shopify but none that cover delivery. We have approached our favoured logistics but they have felt that small parcels have been unmanageable. I feel Covid 19 has changed things but can't convince them of the worth of it in the long run. 

Can someone help me fill in my blanks?

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Hi @Vivisupanova 

Just wanted to confirm, are you moving over to Woocommerce? If that's the case, we won't be able to help since we aren't familiar with their systems. 


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