Looking to grow golapi - a sustainable fashion brand for premium sweaters

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We recently started golapi (https://golapi.co/), a brand focused on making premium sweaters from recycled yarns. My partner and I are both from Bangladesh. I work as a software developer in Toronto, Canada and he manages garments factories in Bangladesh. All the sweaters are manufactured in our own factories. We are looking to grow our brand and aiming for Fall 2020 (Aug-Sept) launch. 


If you have any ideas on how we can grow our already sustainable/social impact brand - please pitch in ideas. We are trying to learn as much as we can and would love some honest feedback (especially, looking to hear on areas for improvement).


We are also looking for another person to join our team of two - someone who can help with content (social media, website) and marketing. Bonus points if you are into fashion media or photography, or had your e-commerce store. If you are interested or know anyone who would be a good fit, please reach out to us at hello@golapi.co 


Website: https://golapi.co/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/golapi.co/


Why we started golapi:

You can’t grow up in Bangladesh without understanding textiles. 81% of our country’s exports come from garments, and every family has a link to clothes: producing yarns, making fabrics, exporting textiles. What wasn’t clear to us as children was where all of these clothes were going. They disappeared into trucks and planes, and the factories our friends and families owned moved onto producing the next batch.


As an adult living in Canada, I saw the other end of the chain. Ultimately, most of the clothes that were painstakingly produced for pitiful wages were ending up in the scrapheap. North Americans throw away 10 million tons of textiles each year. For somebody who knows the stories behind the fabric, this was shocking. But consumers have traditionally been incredibly sheltered from the process of producing clothing.


golapi was born to bridge this gap. By placing humane manufacturing processes, intentional design, and recycled yarns at the core of the company, we want to give consumers the chance to buy beautiful clothing without the blemish of an exploitative and wasteful supply chain. Golapi clothes are manufactured in the factories we grew up in and now run, and they’re made of high quality recycled yarn.


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Hi @salman1993,


Thanks for sending in this post! I took a look at your website and it's shaping up nicely. Your sustainability story is also inspiring!

Here is a list of fashion resources that might be able to help:



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Additionally, you can check out:


Hope this helps!