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Hi All, 


My name is Janaki and I lead Partnerships at SheEO. Like many of you, our Ventures (entrepreneurs) are going through a really challenging time and we thought we would share some of our practices we use to support our community of women entrepreneurs.


At SheEO we practice what we call #RadicalGenerosity which we believe is core to creating a new model and a better world. #RadicalGenerosity is a belief, a value system, a choice, and a practice. We ask, “Imagine if you were surrounded by radically generous people, how would you act differently?” 


Part of our SheEO credo reads "If you need something, ask. If you have something to give, please offer it". We believe we are one step removed from anything you may need - all you need to do is ask.


So, what does this look like? An example is our #ASK//GIVEs 

  • Community members share an #ASK - What do you need the most help with right now? Be as specific as possible. 

  • Community members offer a #GIVE - What is something I can contribute. Whether in response to an Ask, or a general offer to the community.

Here’s a video of a live session we’ve hosted: https://vimeo.com/283766817 

ASK/GIVEs can be done on a call, in a Slack channel, on video, in this forum… the goal is to share resources and areas of expertise and ask for the help you need. 

You can follow us on social @SheEO_World to see how our Ventures/Activators and partners are collaborating to help everyone get through this tough time. 


Lots of love and cheering you all on,