Study Hall NYC (by Slow Factory Foundation)

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Last week, @katiebkung and I attended Study Hall NYC, put on by Colin and Celine at Slow Factory Foundation. This is a fantastic resource for anyone in the fashion industry, really focusing on unlearning and relearning the opportunity that exists for fashion to be a climate positive industry. 


They bring together people with wide-ranging expertise and intersectional perspectives. For example, providing a 10 minute overview of how microplastics, including synthetic fabric fibres, are ending up in water, followed by a presentation on a company that's producing lab-grown leather as an alternative. 

Their events are free, and you can check out the livestream capture on their website. Super inspiring - and lots of great examples of folks in the industry who are making an impact.


Anyone else attend? And if so, what were your takeaways?

Brady Paron
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Wow, this is an awesome resource that I wasn't aware of. It's exciting to see how many new platforms are popping up around sustainability and fashion. Thank you for sharing!