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I love listening to podcasts when I walk my dog! Two podcasts always in my ear are The Spirit of 608 and Conscious Chatter, both fabulous podcasts if you want to learn more about sustainable fashion brands and tips on running a fashion business with social impact.


Any other amazing podcasts about sustainable fashion? Or running a sustainable brand in general?

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Hey Katie - 


So glad the Spirit of 608 show can be in your ear! Appreciate the shout a ton. And love Kestrel's Conscious Chatter, such a thoughtful and helpful show. Another one I like is the Business with Purpose podcast by Molly Stillman. And then beyond that, I listen to a lot of business podcasts for inspiration and motivation. 


Also, here is a HUGE list of social impact and changemaker podcasts that Krystal Nelson recently put together and shared in our Spirit of 608 Facebook group. Hope that helps!



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Those are my top two, as well! Also, Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press and Good Together by Laura and Liza at Brightly Co.

Adding to the great list you all shared... 

Fashion in Threads and Pre-loved podcast with Emily Stochl

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Thank you so much for the mention @factory45! Really appreciate the shoutout! If anyone is interested you can find out podcast right here:


Ditto on Spirit of 608 and Conscious Chatter. Also: consider "Disruptors for GOOD" by Causeartist as well. It's about ethical brands/social businesses in general.

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Some of these are new to me! Looking forward to checking them out. 

Wardrobe Crisis is in my ears regularly, I adore this show. Another one that is from a very different perspective but does touch on sustainability from time to time is Love To Sew. My own desires to run a sustainable clothing brand grew out of my own sewing practice, the home sewist community is continuing to grow and push for sustainability in textiles from another angle.