Using Shopify as an Event Platform for My Community Service Club

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I'm a member of Kiwanis, a local community service club that supports causes involving children. We're looking to run an online fundraiser and we'd like to use Shopify as a platform for selling "tickets" to the event. 

I've read here that Shopify has special rates for non-profits but after signing up for the 14-day trial, I cannot for the life of me find anything that highlights the specific details of these rates.

Does anyone have any information on this? Is it publicly available and I'm just totally missing it? And finally, are there any non-profits/community clubs that have had success using Shopify for something similar?

As a Canadian club, we'd love to support Shopify if we can.

Thanks in advance!

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To the best of our knowledge, unfortunately, there isn't any special pricing option for non profits. So you will have to choose any of the available plans.

However, if you are in genuine need to go online and need support to setup, we could include you in our free Shopify store setup program. We offer this services to 2 stores every month.

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