Zoom Meetup?


I was really looking forward to meeting a bunch of impact inspired founders in online retail at Shopify Unite.


Since, the in-person part is canceled, who here is up for a virtual meetup using Zoom or some other video tech? 


Give a shout out and let's see!


I come out of the "tech for good" world where a simple meet and greet format works great. If there are 10-20 of us, then we'd take out time to go around the "table" have everyone introduce themselves and their store. You'd finish with the number one off the record question you'd love to ask of your social impact retail peers. Then we finish up the hour going through the questions and sharing lessons, insights, and resources with each other. It's a fun "birds of a feather" format in the unconference world.


I am on Zoom with impact-oriented retail founders almost everyday (for GoodCarts) and I often say, "Hey I should connect you with each other." So, since we are rightfully reducing travel, etc. for global health, now seems like the right time to virtually connect.



Steven Clift

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Steven, 


That sounds like a wonderful networking opportunity to connect with likeminded shop owners! Perhaps you could pick a date and time a little ways off and create a signup link with your prefered appointment scheduling software? With the community board here along with other areas you plan to share, we can hopefully see a 10-20 person interest. I know I would love to join representing my own clothing brand, if we have an agenda for talking points planned that could be helpful as well. 

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Thanks Annie, I think that is a fine idea!

Once we get eight more "yes, I'm interested" posts I'll pick a time at
least 2-3 weeks out.

I tend to go for 2 pm Central as that hits North America in the work day
and Europe before bed. If it goes well, we could swap to an Asia/North
America time for another gathering.



Annie, I wanted to let you know we've had a few Meetups among GoodCarts member stores and will be opening up future gatherings more widely.

We have a new e-newsletter on "Impact Retail" and as we grow that audience, we plan to issue Zoom meetup invites there: