API Rate Limit for Storefront APP

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We are building a mobile app using Storefront API. 

We are not making storefront api calls directly from our mobile application, instead using our Server to make it and then return the response to mobile application. 

I understand that the rate limit for storefront, limits requests per IP. Would that mean, if we use our Server to make the API request, would it also limit the requests for the Server IP? 

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This is an accepted solution.

Check out the FAQ:


They explicitly mention you cannot use a server/proxy.

Rate Limiting:

  • The Storefront API is rated limited by the buyer IP and can not be utilized server-side or with a proxy for this reason
  • The Storefront API utilizes a time-based leaky bucket algorithm and every request to the Storefront API costs at least 0.5 seconds to run

 I had the same question. but they are very clear this approach cannot be used.



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Regarding Customer creation on Shopify, can I use Shopify Admin API on the Server as a proxy, instead of the above approach? 
I know that the access token will not be issued if I use Shopify Admin API instead of Storefront API.
Isn't it good to call the Storefront API from the customer device directly and get an access token?

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You won't want to do that. Admin API limits you to 2-4 requests per second. https://shopify.dev/concepts/about-apis/rate-limits