App Proxy subpath and prefix responding with a 403 error

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Hey there,
I'm building my first app proxy with Shopify and I just need a little help. When I query my proxy URL l directly in the browser I get the behavior I want which is just a proof of life string. When I query my {}/{Sub path prefix}/{Sub path} it responds with a 403 code. The proxy URL routes to an application that uses  Oauth and it is installed into my shop.

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @caityh,


The proxy URL is set to https://<redacted><redacted>, which is attempting an app install.


I suspect it's working directly in your browser because you've already authenticated in your browser - see if you can access the proxy URL in an incognito/private tab, you should hit the same error.


Given the request is proxied through Shopify, the URL will need to be publicly accessible. More info: