Does headless require Shopify plus? If not, what are the advantages.

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I am looking to understand if Shopify Plus is required for a headless implementation. Note, I understand that headless can mean different things to different people. In my case, I mean a full site as opposed to a custom app to provide a single function/feature.


It seems as it is not required as all customers have access to the Storefront API. However, I can't find much or any information on it beyond what is provided in the Shopify Plus area of the website


Are there bits and pieces of access that is different depending on Shopify vs Shopify plus?





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No, in fact you can do Headless ecommerce with just Shopify Lite subscription ($9/mo) by utilizing Storefront API.


What Shopify Plus provides does not directly benefit headless ecommerce as much except for some additional cart/checkout manipulation with Shopify Scripts and also Checkout styling (if you redirect to Shopify checkout).

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