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we would like to use shopify in the scenario described below and would like to know if this is possible:

  • We have a website with a configurator in which our customer can design an individual product
  • We would like to handle the buying/paying process via shopify
  • The individual product which the customer has created is only visible for him

Can we achieve this with shopify? I took a look at the rest api from shopify and found the following:

  • It is possible to create products via rest api -> So we can create the product our customer made in the configurator
  • I found no hint if I can make the product only visible for him

If somebody can give me a few hints were to look or if this scenario is possible I would be very thankful.


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This is an accepted solution.


You can follow these steps to make the product only visible for him:

  1. To create a product, the customer must be logged in
  2. After he has created then product and when saving the product using rest api, tag the product with a tag like for example: 'customer_${}'
  3. And then filter products by the tag above to make it visible only to him.