Sales Channel - Completing a checkout with Stripe token - Need relay and read_write permissions

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I've been given access to create checkouts and complete those checkouts by providing a Stripe token.

Because of what my app does, I need to take a portion of the checkout payment (an amount agreed by the store) and pass that onto a third party that helped make the sale.

When I attempt to take fee off of the checkout, I get an error back from Stripe. The error explains that Shopify's Stripe account hasn't given me permission to take a fee or to create a transfer. Here is the error and I've amended the account id to hide it:

Error: This application does not have the required permissions for this endpoint on account 'acct_XXXXXXXXXXX'. Having the 'relay', 'read_write' scopes would allow this request to continue.

 I can create a checkout without the fee or transfer and it works fine. 

I'm concerned that Shopify aren't going to allow me to take a fee, despite agreeing this functionality when approving my app. I have been speaking with support for 3 weeks but have gotten absolutely nowhere, just passed around and ignored.

Any help from anyone that's had a similar problem would be great. Thanks in advance.