Shopify iOS Devs: apple-app-site-association file generated through admin: How can I edit this file?

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So this basically makes or breaks my whole business plan and acts as a huge blocker. 

Under Private Apps -> Configure iOS SDK -> Enable Universal Links.
This generates an apple-app-site-associatation file under "https://<>/apple-app-site-association".

I want to support Deeplinking, and maintain a list of debugging apps/app clip links and I need to edit this file to allow for this to work.

From what I can see it is not supported through the Shopify Dashboard. 

Would it be possible for someone to help me update this file, and have access to it?



UPDATE: I see this API:

Doesn't let me access that resource, and I cannot upload links or anything to allow me to support deep linking or app clips?


For applinks, and activity continuation I need new key values apart from "applinks"