Migration of the existing subscriptions

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Our team have created a new Subscription app built on Shopify Subscription APIs for our client. The stores of this client are now using the Subscription app that we created earlier and when switching to the new app, we would need to migrate the existing subscriptions.

The migration tutorial explains what can be done for merchants processing their subscription payments through Stripe. Stripe is not used in the stores in question, Braintree is used in these stores so we would need to find another solution for the migration. Could you let us know if there are any custom solutions or workarounds configured for the migration from a custom app to the app built on the Subscription APIs?

We thought about using the test card details that would be automatically set to all the existing subscriptions during the migration. Could you let us know if it would be possible to set paymentMethodId (https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/graphql/reference/orders/subscriptiondraftinput) with https://elb.deposit.shopifycs.com/sessions to use the test card details 4242 for example? This Payment Method ID would be set without any input from the customer in terms of the production store where the Test mode is disabled for Shopify Payments with only one purpose, to import the subscriptions to the new system. The customers would then update their payment details. Could you suggest if there is a possibility that this would work? 


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This is an accepted solution.

Hi! I believe passing the test card details for migration should work.