SubscriptionContract Status questions


1. Is it expected that a billingAttempt should succeed if the underlying subscriptionContract is set to paused or canceled? Just doing some testing to understand the full scope of what we're supposed to handle vs. what Shopify handles and what guardrails exist. Currently billingAttempts on paused/canceled contracts creates an order.

A subscription contract is the agreement between a customer and a merchant over a specific term for recurring purchases over a set or undefined period of time.

It does appear the statuses of expired and failed prevent new orders from being created but there are no error messages returned.

2. The documentation for the Canceled status indicates "The contract ended by an unplanned customer action." What is an "unplanned customer action"?

3. It appears that we would keep a subscription in Active status even if we are doing dunning/retry logic. Does this sound right?

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Thanks for your questions!

1. A billingAttempt will succeed even if the subscriptionContract is set to paused or cancelled.  We don't guard against billing subscriptionContracts in specific statuses.
2. By "unplanned customer action", we mean that the Customer cancelled their subscription, for example.
3. This is up to you.  You can decide how you want to handle a subscription's status based on your dunning/retry logic.


Thank you for the clarifications @brendasegal!