2 Products being added to cart when only one is selected

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Hello, when any one of our products are added to cart, 2 are added. Any way on how to fix this? Also it is directing them straight to the checkout page instead of staying on the product page or taking them to the cart page.

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You've not given a link to the shop so replies here will have to be guesses only.

Most of the time when I see this on shops it's because there's some JavaScript error(s) on the page.


This is generally what happens:

  1. Customer clicks adds to cart
  2. Theme code sends info to the AJAX api to add the item to the cart
  3. It succeeds and the theme code grabs the response. You've got one item in the cart now.
  4. When the theme code is looking at the response (or doing something with it) some error is hit
  5. The error stops the remaining code from working - including code that would prevent the button from doing it's default action
  6. The default button action fires (being a standard form post that redirects to the cart page). This adds an item to the cart.
  7. So now you have two items in the cart, and you're also on the cart page.
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Hello, our page is: