21 second page load time on Chrome only

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Hi Shopify community,


Every few times I load my page practicemeditation.co on Chrome it takes 15-20 seconds to 'connect'.


I thought it was some error initially from when you register and point a domain (I used namecheap) but the issue has persistent for several months and I've had customers write to me saying that it won't load on Chrome. 


I'm using debut theme shopify store with 1 app add-on that was added several weeks after the problem started happening.


What could be the cause of this?




Attached is my Google Analytics page showing the performance difference.


Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 10.22.37 pm.png


Hoping someone here can help :)



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Unless you've resolved this basic loading and tests show nothing obviously wrong or reproducing that load time.


Which makes that a hard problem to diagnose unless you have better info such as users OS, region, browser version, bug logs,etc.


Here are different factors to test to see if the same result happens.

Try disabling browser javascript and loading the page.

Try on a different computer, network location, and using a VPN for another locale.



If disabling browser javascript changes results, then make a backup of your theme, or use a duplicate to test, 

then in theme.liquid(or header.liquid) comment out {{content_for_header}} and test again.


remeber to uncomment when done.


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