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Hi, if anyone has any insight into this I would appreciate it. I have  store that was created five years ago, and I have been maintaining it myelf for the most part for the last couple of years. I wanted to add a new collection to the drop down menu item, and reorder them. Simple, right? I added the collection and created the page (https://www.blackwellswines.com/collections/ready-to-drink-cocktails)

everything works. It shows up in the list of Collections: https://www.blackwellswines.com/pages/spirits

But it does not appear in the drop down menu.

If you change the orer in Navigation, it should change the drop down, regardless of the theme, correct?

Thanks for any insight.



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Yes, you can add a new menu item in the dropdown from Navigation. 

If it's not working then let me know, I can help you.


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