Abandonded cart emails not sending — Shopify Buy SDK + Headless Setup

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I have a client site build with the Shopify JS Buy SDK, Storefront API and Gatsby. All of the store's abandoned checkouts are failing to notify the customers and each abandoned checkout states:

This checkout was not created by the Online Store or Buy Button sales channel.

I have confirmed the SDK is being initialized as instructed in the docs :

import Client from 'shopify-buy';

// Initializing a client to return content in the store's primary language
const client = Client.buildClient({
  domain: 'your-shop-name.myshopify.com',
  storefrontAccessToken: 'your-storefront-access-token'


I'm also 100% confident this checkout was created by this sales channel as there are some custom attributes related to product bundling attached to the items within the abandoned cart.

Is there a way to access logs that would show whether or not these emails did send but failed, never sent, etc..?

Any help would be much appreciated


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Bumping this. Really curious if anyone has any insight.

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Im having the same problem