Account Order History Problem - Multicurrency

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I found a bug(?) on my store when logged in as a customer. Under the "My account" page there is a list of past orders called "Order history". The total amount paid shows for each order and here is where the problem appears. The amount showed here is the same as the one showed on the checkout page when making the order, but with the symbol of the currency currently selected to view the store in.

For example: If i am viewing the store in SEK (Swedish Crowns) when making an order worth 410 SEK. And then choose to view the store in USD, the Total amount on the Order history page will show the swedish order amount (410), but with the symbol of USD ($410), when in reallity, 410 SEK is worth $49. This could be very misleading.


Also here is a picture explaining (when taking the screenshot the store currency selector is set to USD, thats why it shows the $ symbol): 



I am wodering if anyone else has noticed this problem, and if maybe someone has any idea on how to fix it?


Thank you!