Active Status doesn't show how many sales channel turned on


Before the latest update when you were on the product screen you could see listed under the product how many sales channels were turned on. Ex 7 of 10 or 3 of 10.  Now you just see active now listing without clicking on each and every product.  I have several team members entering products and they are turned off to avoid confusion of the wrong photo on the wrong variant.  We can't use Draft since you are not able to have the POS turned on to double check your barcodes scan and are not duplicates. This leaves us with Active, deselect all sales channels except POS when the product is done I have no way knowing visually if any were accidently NOT turned on or skipped.  Does anyone know an easier way to visually see products with missing sales channels not turned on?

It was suggested by a Guru to use more filters, click availability which isn't helpful since you are NOT allowed to click more than 1 channel at a time to view.  We process 1000's of discs in a week with multiple variants, need an easier way to view.