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Any assistance or feedback is greatly appreciated. 
I am trying to show compare at price on my website and it is simply not working. The original price did not show up only the discounted price. 
I then downloaded a sales manager app to help fix this issue. That also did not work.. using the app, I elected to show sale tag and discounted comparison price. Unfortunately this did not work either. 

Any ideas on what the issue is? How can I resolve this? 

please and thank you. 

please note cost of product is on the view details page. 

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My name is Alison, I am the Customer Success Specialist for Ablestar apps. 

In Shopify, the way the sale is displayed is determined the theme.  Different themes will display the sale differently, some by showing the discount in a little ball, some by crossing out the regular price and showing a sale price. 

Generally speaking, if you are using a Shopify theme from the theme store, they will all determine what is on sale and what is not by comparing the 'price' to the 'compare at price'.  You need the 'compare at price' to be higher than the price for the product to show as on sale.  It sounds like you may have discounted the 'compare at price' instead of the 'price'.  If you adjust this so the 'price' is the lower field is should show correctly.  If you do that and it is still not showing correctly, it may be the theme that is causing problems.