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This question was previously asked and the answer was incorrect.

It is possible to add customer notes to the cart.

How do you add customer notes to the checkout?

In testing, I found that if a customer selects "buy now" on a product and never views the cart they cannot add customer notes.

Is it possible to add customer notes to the checkout?

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You can do that but you need to use Shopify Plus and customize in this case. I can do that for you. You can contact us via email:

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Hey, @dominiconorton.

Tira here to help. Thanks @Galvins for chiming in. That’s correct, any customizations to the checkout would be limited and can be edited if a merchant has a Shopify Plus plan. Shopify Plus is our enterprise plan for merchants who have a high volume of sales. Check out our help doc with the features to learn more: Shopify Plus.

I’m happy to provide some insight here.

I took a look at the thread from the Shopify Community link that you posted, and the response posted there is correct, that is how you can add order notes to the cart. When order notes are added to the cart, they will automatically be added to the checkout as well so the customer can see what they’ve put into the order. 

Thanks for doing the research on this, I appreciate that. When a customer clicks the “Buy Now” button on a product, they will bypass the cart and be taken straight to checkout, so they wouldn’t have the opportunity to add any order notes to their cart. It sounds like you’re using dynamic checkout buttons, if you would like for the customer not to bypass the cart, I recommend removing these buttons by following the steps in our help doc here: Add or remove dynamic checkout buttons on product pages. After removing the dynamic checkout buttons from your store, customers would need to go through the cart and can add order notes.

If you want to keep your dynamic checkout buttons, another workaround is to add a variant to your product page that collects the information that you need. If you need to add a text field to your product page for custom text, then I suggest using a third-party app from our App Store. I have some suggestions listed in this post: Adding 4 variants to a single product. Some third-party apps may not show all the variants at checkout, so I recommend reaching out to the third-party developer of the app to ask before using the app. You can find their information listed under the “Support” section of the app’s page.

I am curious, did a customer reach out asking about this?

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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