Add Transfer Incoming Information to {{ product| Json }}

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Hey, Im looking to add incoming transfer information to my {{ product | json }} object. 

I have tried this in the for loop on the product-template.liquid page

productJson.variants[{{ forloop.index0 }}].incoming = {{ variant.incoming | json }};
productJson.variants[{{ forloop.index0 }}].next_incoming_date = {{ variant.next_incoming_date | date: '%B %d, %Y' | json }};

 Im then using:

console.log({{ variant.incoming | json }}); 

but im just getting 'null' in the cosole

I want to display a paragraph on my product page saying "This product is due in stock soon" or something if its on an incoming transfer.


thanks for taking the time.


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Have same kind of request.  We can see the incoming product on the Shopify Admin product page.  But, we can not see it on the Shopify POS product display.  So, my checkout people can not answer the customer question, "are more of this product coming".