Add custom dimension to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce events

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Shopify has a really annoying behaviour with GA Enhanced Ecommerce, where it sends the product name together with the variant title. This makes it really hard to aggregate reports by product (essentially product_id).


We would like to send a custom dimension (product_id) with the product details view event.

Google documentation is clearly instructing to add a property to the ec:addProduct call, but unfortunately Trekkie doesn't allow any way to bind into its requests.




Any idea how this could be achieved?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes it's possible to do. I'm writing an article at the moment that explains how to do this. It will be published soon. Please wait a little. I do my best to finish it asap. Meanwhile you may check the first part of my article about the data collection in default GA integration. It may help you tu figure out how to do it by yourself.